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Best Diet for Healthy Skin and Hair

If you didn’t already know your diet is a key factor in the appearance of your hair and skin. It is actually more important than the serums, creams, and oils you apply to your hair and face. A bad diet equals poor skin and hair.

There are so many foods you can include in your diet that can fight wrinkles, clear acne, reduce inflammation, and give you luminous skin. A skin remedy that so many people would love and go crazy about is dark chocolate. You would think that it would be bad for your skin but studies have found that 1 oz of dark chocolate a day for 12 weeks can help hydrate skin and improve circulation in your face.

Choosing a healthy breakfast food can be hard sometimes but that’s when oatmeal comes into play, because of the androgens that oatmeal produces. Androgens push out all of the nasty dirt and oil in your skin and will leave you with clear clean pores.

Instead of drinking all of the sugary caffeinated beverages on a daily basis, a better option would be green tea, it’s proven to result in a healthy looking complexion from the boost of oxygen and blood flow in your face. Acne is caused by very sugary foods and drinks so green tea is a great alternative.

Snacks are a must for most people and a quick healthy snack that will end your scaley skin problems are walnuts, they contain omega-3 which is important in fighting off dry skin. Having a deficiency in omega-3 can result in eczema so it’s very important to include that in your daily diet. If you’re trying to fight off wrinkles strawberries are a perfect snack considering all of the vitamin C they contain and will also leave your skin feeling more hydrated.

If you’ve noticed a little bit of hair loss or dry brittle hair than you may have a deficiency in biotin. Biotin can be found in egg yolk, liver, soy flour and yeast. They aren’t foods that most people look forward to eating, but if they can save your hair, then it’s well worth it.

A healthy diet will make it more likely for you to have healthy hair. Considering that your hair is made of protein, it is very important to include protein in your daily diet to achieve strong, hydrated hair. Without having enough protein it’s more likely for you to have dry, brittle hair that could eventually result in hair loss. So it’s time to start stacking up on Fish, Hamburgers, and Bacon.

If you suffer from a dry itchy scalp, then you may have an insufficient amount of vitamin A. Without vitamin A, your body won’t produce sebum. Sebum is an oily substance created by your hair that conditions your hair and scalp. This vitamin can be found in foods such as carrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. Beans and Nuts can help moisturize your scalp as well.

Not only can foods be useful to eat but great hair masks as well. It may sound a little weird but mixing a banana and honey together and lathering it up in your hair can moisturize and help those split ends you may have.

If you’re battling acne, dry skin, dry scalp, dry hair, or hair loss I recommend that you try these helpful tips and tricks.

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