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Home Remedies for Good Skin

Skin problems, such as acne and pimples, can be frustrating and embarrassing. There are many simple things you can do at home to help. This article will discuss hygiene and topical remedies, as well as diet and lifestyle changes you can make to improve your skin health.


One of the most basic but effective things you can do for your skin is to wash your face once or twice daily. Use a gentle cleanser, or even make one yourself. A quick google search will give you lots of recipes for simple facial cleansers to try. You can experiment to find one that works for you. After washing, be sure to pat dry, as rubbing or friction can make acne worse.

Topical Oils

There are lots of natural oils and products that can help, but here are three excellent ones to try:

  • Tea tree oil – Tea tree oil works as a natural antiseptic and antibiotic. It’s strong enough that it may irritate your face unless you mix it with a carrier oil, such as olive oil, evening primrose oil, or vitamin E squeezed out of a capsule. (All of these oils have their own benefits) Or, mix 1 dropperful of tea tree oil with 1/4 cup warm water. Whichever way you choose to prepare it, dab a little on blemishes three times daily with a clean 100% cotton swab.
  • Ozone cream (also known as oxygenated olive oil) – This one is less well known, but very effective. Oxygenated olive oil aids healing, stimulates growth of skin cells, and acts as a free radical scavenger on harmful toxins. Like tea tree oil, it may sting a little if you apply it to blemishes. Try mixing it with a carrier oil in a ratio of 1/1.
  • Witch Hazel – Witch hazel is an astringent, and can clean and tone your skin. It is non-drying and anti-inflammatory. It also may sting when you first apply it, but after a few minutes it has a numbing effect on sore pimples and other blemishes. Try applying it with a cotton ball twice a day.


Altering your diet isn’t the most fun cure, but it can really help. Many people have undiagnosed food sensitivities that cause skin issues. Try eliminating food groups to see if you notice some relief, or get tested for allergies or sensitivities. You may notice a huge difference that makes the dietary sacrifice worth it! Even if you don’t have sensitivities, a healthy diet full of fiber and lots of fruits and vegetables can work wonders for your skin.


Many dermatologists recommend trying to get fifteen minutes of sunshine a day for optimal skin health. They also suggest making an effort to get enough sleep and regular daily exercise.

Lastly, try to avoid stress. It’s impossible to avoid all stress, but excessive stress can negatively impact your health and skin. It can be a good motivator to let go of any stress you don’t need in your life when you remember it may be aggravating your skin issues.


Don’t give up on achieving good skin. There are many easy remedies you can try from home. Hopefully some of these ideas will make a difference for your skin health-and your overall health!

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