Natural Beauty Tips for Face and Body

While all of us want bright, beautiful skin, it’s hard to navigate the world of skincare products to find the best options. In fact, you may be realizing that natural methods are going to be your best options. If you’re looking for natural beauty tips for your face and body, then you’ve come to the right place! Use these natural methods to achieve healthy, radiant skin!

Nourish With Oils

Not only is oil great for removing makeup, it also works great for nourishing your skin. You’ll want to use oils in moderation since a little goes a long way though! Which oils are the best for healthy, glowing skin? Try massaging small amounts of these on your skin regularly:

  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Almond oil
  • Walnut oil

Lighten Dark Patches with Citrus

Oranges and lemons contain compounds which are great for brightening skin naturally. Keep in mind that you won’t want to use it on dry or sensitive skin patches. They also help to open up clogged pores.

To help you lighten any dark patches, cut slices of lemon or orange and apply directly to your skin, to apply a small amount of natural juice. Leave on for up to five minutes and then rinse off. Try this a few times a week to start seeing benefits.

Dry Brushing

If you’ve never heard of dry brushing, then you need to try this natural detoxification process right now! Dry brushing stimulates your skin with a gentle massage. It works to eliminate dead skin cells, cellulite, and improve circulation to give you bright, glowing skin. It’s also easy and cheap to do on a regular basis so try this method to improve your skin’s tone and texture.

Create Natural Body Scrubs

The key to keeping your skin healthy is to get rid of dead skin cells. However, many of the scrubs available in stores contain harsh ingredients which may leave you with rough looking skin. To get the most from a scrub, make your own at home with sea salt and olive oil or coconut oil.

Mix your own scrub with a ratio of 2:1 oil to salt and keep in your shower to use on a regular basis. The salt removes dead skin cells while the oil naturally moisturizes so you’ll end up with gorgeous skin. If you want your scrub to smell great, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Lavender and vanilla oils are great options but you can choose your favorite scent.

Honey Facial Mask

Honey is well-known for its beautifying properties which is why you see it included in many skincare products. Raw honey is naturally anti-bacterial and can be used weekly to soften your skin. Use a tablespoon of raw honey and spread on your skin, leaving for 5-10 minutes. Rinse away with warm water and notice your bright, glowing skin revealed!

These simple tips are great beautifying secrets that are both simple and effective. Looking your best doesn’t have to be complicated. What are you waiting for? Get started today.

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