How To Have Perfect Skin Without Make Up

We all love our makeup. It transforms us into creatures extraordinaire. How many times have you seen your flawless pictures and wondered, ‘If only they’d seen the real me’. How many times have you removed your makeup only to see dull, tired, saggy and blemished skin staring back at you in the mirror.

Ever wished you had a skin fairy so you wouldn’t need to hide behind those layers of cake. Ladies, getting spotless skin is no rapid magic but very much possible. You just need to follow a few simple tricks and watch as your skin gets its impeccable radiant glow back.

  • Drink Water – Water is the holy grail of health and beauty is no exception. A normal adult should drink a minimum of 3-4 liters of water per day. Our body is made up of 70% water. So water not only hydrates the skin keeping it soft and supple but also flushes out body toxins thus cleaning the system and giving your epidermal layer that healthy glow.
  • Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing – Experts swear by this trio for beautiful radiant skin. Cleansing with a mild facewash twice daily will help remove the dirt and oil and prevents it from clogging pores.

A good toner closes pores and tightens the skin. Rosewater is often considered a very good natural toner, as is ice.

Moisturizing completes the routine. Apply immediately after cleansing and toning to lock the moisture within and keep the skin young and dewy.

  • Scrub Often – Scrubbing twice a week with a quality scrub exfoliates the dead skin cells and promotes new cell growth. Often natural products like sugar, pulses etc can be used as excellent natural scrubs.
  • Eat Right – I can’t stress enough on this one. What you eat will show on your skin. Eating dark colored fruits and vegetables, rich in antioxidants fights free radicals and works wonders for the skin.

Stay away from junk and artificial sugars as far as possible because they make your skin dull, lifeless and saggy.

  • Workout – A mild aerobic activity for an hour each day or a vigorous workout thrice a week keeps you looking fit and young. Exercise increases blood circulation to your skin giving it the pretty pink glow.

Exercise release the happy hormone, adrenaline and it’s no secret that smiling faces will always look way younger than sad ones.

  • Use Sunscreen – The harmful UV rays of sun take a toll on the skin resulting in sun tan and increased wrinkles. A sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above will reduce the sun damage to a large extent.
  • Don’t Smoke – Nicotine shrinks blood vessels reducing blood flow to the skin. Smoking regularly will make the skin dry and flaky leaving it rough and aged.
  • No Popping Zits – Squeezing pimples or popping zits leave scars on that delicate layer, which take very long to heal. So for that scar free skin, avoid touching acne let it heal on its own.
  • Reduce Stress – Stress gives you that ugly frown. It produces free radicals and gives you early wrinkles. Meditate, workout, smile a lot and keep your worries at bay.


Girls, now love yourself go make up free the next time. Ditch those layers of foundation. Use your favorite kohl and lip balm and watch as your flawless skin works its charm.

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