Tips for Skin Care at Home

Have you ever wondered how our incredibly intelligent human species can create super complex machines capable of taking us to the moon, yet we can’t handle an easily preventable lifestyle disease as obesity?

Similarly, you might possess the most in-depth and extensive information concerning proper care of your skin, yet you still fail at the most basic of skin care routines.

Perhaps, what you need isn’t more skin care tips; rather, effective strategies to apply what you already know.

1. Mind Trick to Avoid Junk Food

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition highlights the negative impact unhealthy diets may have on your skin.

But that’s not likely to stop you from chomping down on a whole bucket of greasy potatoes.

What if you applied the effective cigarette-warning-label strategy to your unhealthy eating habits? Go ahead. Print out the nastiest images of health problems caused by poor nutrition and stick them on all sugary drinks or packets of doughnuts and cookies that you buy.

2. Get to Sleep Like Clockwork

There’s an incredibly easy way of getting paler skin, redder eyes, hanging eyelids, darker circles under your eyes and wrinkles: go without sleep (according to a 2013 study by the Karolinska Institutet).

You certainly don’t want that, do you?

Fortunately, there are equally incredibly easy ways of conditioning your body to fall asleep when you should:

  • Exercise – After a thorough workout, the only thing your body would want is rest.
  • A strict sleep schedule – Even when you don’t want to, always go to sleep at a specified time. Soon, it will become a habit.
  • Sunlight – Getting a bit of sunlight during the day will boost your natural day-awake-and-night-asleep cycle.
  • A conducive sleep environment – Just as light boosts wakefulness, so also darkness helps you sleep better.

3. Can’t Maintain Your Daily Skin Care Routine?

Do you feel that maintaining a regular skin care routine is something you’re completely incapable of doing? Hmmm… What about the daily routine you’ve been observing all these years as you wake up promptly each and every day to go to work?

One of the most obvious reasons why you always maintain your going-to-work routine without fail is because failure has serious financial consequences.

It’s certainly about time you also set some consequences for failure in your skin care regimen. Anytime you don’t follow through, you can cut your spending budget by a few dollars or decide on some challenging task as punishment.

4. Stress: Now You See It – Now You Don’t

More than one-quarter of US adults are either frequently or always stressed about money (based on a 2015 study by APA). So, what does this have to do with your skin? Certainly, more than you can imagine: the American Academy of Dermatology highlights emerging research that show a link between stress and inflammatory skin conditions.

Unfortunately, stress seems part and parcel of your life – something you absolutely cannot control. The harsh reality is this: saying that you can’t stop being stressed out is much like punching yourself in the face and claiming that you can’t stop it. Yes you can – just simply stop punching yourself in the (insert expletive here) face!

“But I still won’t have enough money/ a bigger house/ a better job even if I stop being stressed about it.” Well, at least you’ll reduce your problems by half: you’ll only be broke, not broke and stressed.

After effectively applying these basic tips, you might not need any of those expensive skin products. Even when you do require such products, you’re sure to benefit more than someone who hasn’t taken care of the basic aspects.

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